Through our investment vehicles, PI Analytics seeks to provide our clients and partners various asset classes that can augment the risk and return profile of their portfolios in a personalized, high service manner.

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Alternative Strategies

PI Analytics specializes in complex and hard-to-value investments, leveraging our statistical expertise and technological capabilities

Our goal is to provide easy access for individual and institutional investors to these innovative asset classes

Peer to Peer Loans

An alternative to high yield bonds, P2P Loans are a burgeoning asset class facilitated by web-based technologies to connect individuals seeking small high yield loans with investors at large.

We utilize a custom-built portfolio monitor and ordering system to manage our accounts at an individual basis

Private Equity

Access to private equity opportunities with a focus on investing in emerging and mid-stage companies.

Real Estate Opportunities

Selectively chosen real estate investment opportunities that may compliment the portfolios of our clients. These investments are opportunistic by nature, and range across all property types.

Traditional Assets

We also incorporate our company values into traditional investment strategies

Passive Investment

Prioritizing diversification and long-term time horizons linked to an investor's goals and risk profile. These low-fee, low-maintenance portfolio solutions can serve as the core of any investor’s portfolio.

Active Investments

Active selection of public stocks and ETFs based on PI Analytics' proprietary algorithms designed to take advantage in swings in trends, momentum, fundamental news and relative value. These strategies may include stock options to enhance current yield or mitigate downside risk in the actively-managed portfolios.

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