Financial Planning is a core component of PI Analytics’ offerings.

PI Advisers work with you to develop a detailed,low-cost financial plan based on a robust interview process designed to understand your objectives, interests, and constraints.

We provide complementary initial consultations to create your roadmap to financial freedom

Developing a Financial Plan is a Process

1. Establish and define the processional relationship.

Financial planning is a clearly defined process that coordinates all areas of your financial life to meet your and your family's goals. We will explan our financial planning services and disclose the method of compensation.

2. Gather client data and discuss financial goals.

Together, you will identify your personal and financial goals, as well as key areas of concern. You will also discuss your time horizon and capacity for risk. Effective planning is predicated upon the prioritization of realistic, challenging, and obtainable goals.

3. Analyze and evaluate your financial status.

Assess your current situation in terms of assets, investments, liabilities, risk, insurance coverage, tax status, employee benefits, and cash flow.

4. Develop and present recommendations

The financial planning process is client dependent: options may be numerous and complex, or few and simplistic. Effective presentation of recommendations helps you adopt an integrated approach to your finances and inderstand how change in one instance can affect other areas of your financial life. At this stage, we listen to concerns and revise recommendations accordingly.

5. Implement the financial plan.

Together, we work with you to determine how to implement the recommendations. The written financial plan provides a documented, working framework. Implementation may include coordination with other professionals such as attorneys or accountants.

6. Monitor recommendations

The final step of the financial planning process is to review your progress and update your financial plan. It is important to adjust your plan on a periodic basis.

Investment Management

For investors looking to utilize our services for just a portion of their portfolio, PI Analytics offers portfolio management services and investment vehicles tailored to your needs.

Portfolio Management Investment Vehicles

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