PI Analytics provides research, development, data analytics and validation services for a wide range of financial models.

Research/Modeling Risk Governance Data Solutions


PI Analytics Research Areas Include:

Asset-Liability Management

Investment Performance

Portfolio Optimization

Peer to Peer lending

Crowdfunding Analytics

Interest Rate and Equity Derivatives

Consumer and Commercial Loan Loss

Macroeconomic, and Regional Forecasting

Industry Analysis

Residential and Commercial Price Forecasting

Stress Testing

Mortgage Prepayments

Real Estate Equity Analysis

Private Equity

Structured Products

Advanced Operational Risk

Risk Governance Service

We provide a wide range of model validation and model risk governance services:

Full Validation Report

Staff Augmentation

Automated Diagnostics

Ongoing Performance Monitoring

Audits of Model Risk Practices

Model Tracking Systems

Data Solutions

We provide comprehensive data solutions and concrete analysis for your business needs. Pi Analytics specializes in cutting-edge technologies and research including:

Machine learning

Application development

Data management

Black box analysis

Web interfaces

Data mining

Interactive datasets

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